Mini Review : The Invasion by Peadar O’Guilin

The Invasion is the sequel to The Call one of my favourite books of 2016. Continue reading “Mini Review : The Invasion by Peadar O’Guilin”


Drift Stumble Fall by @MJonathanLee #teamhideaway @HideawayFall

This is such a beautifully heartbreaking story, completely captivating and sadly relatable. It’s a true showing of how we think the grass is always greener on the other side and the reality that we never truly know what goes on in people’s lives behind closed doors. Continue reading “Drift Stumble Fall by @MJonathanLee #teamhideaway @HideawayFall”

Mini Review : The Other Side of the Wall by Andrea Mara

There’s something up with the people next door.. Continue reading “Mini Review : The Other Side of the Wall by Andrea Mara”


Dark Lies by Nick Hollin

Don’t trust your friends. Don’t trust your family. Don’t trust yourself… Continue reading “Dark Lies by Nick Hollin”


Mini Review : The Chalk Man by CJ Tudor

“None of us ever agreed on the exact beginning. Was it when we started drawing the chalk figures or when they started to appear on their own? Was it the terrible accident? Or when they found the first body?” Continue reading “Mini Review : The Chalk Man by CJ Tudor”


Spare and Found Parts by Sarah Maria Griffin

“We are all more than the sum of our parts.” Continue reading “Spare and Found Parts by Sarah Maria Griffin”


February Reads 2018

Another month down let’s see how many books I got through..

Continue reading “February Reads 2018”


Mini Review: Everless by Sara Holland

Blood is Money

Time is Power

Desire is Treachery

Welcome to Everless. Continue reading “Mini Review: Everless by Sara Holland”


The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

“Look until the leaves turn red, sew the worlds up with thread. If your journey’s left undone, fear the rising of the sun.” Continue reading “The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert”


Mini Review: Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

“The murderer is with us on the train now..” Continue reading “Mini Review: Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie”