February Reads 2018

Another month down let’s see how many books I got through..

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My Top 3 of 2017

I find it so hard to pick favourites especially when it comes to books, it’s like asking me to pick a favourite child but I cheated slightly and managed to break this down into Top 3 Reads, Series, Graphic Novels and Duos.

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Books I Devoured This Year

I want to share with you some books that I simply could not put down and want to read again so I thought you might like them too, if you haven’t already read them. Continue reading “Books I Devoured This Year”


September/October Round Up 2016

Hello there, as always I am playing catch up with myself.. my head is so full of ideas of things I want to write and do but it’s like they all try to escape at the same time and all they manage to do is get stuck along the way and dam up my stream of thought. Things have been pretty busy too with work and family life and I haven’t been well on and off.. good thing this is a hobby for me and not a career or I would be ever so slightly screwed. Anyway on to the books, my reading has slowed down a good bit which is ok because I’m not far off completing my goal for the year so I can relax a bit. Continue reading “September/October Round Up 2016”