Blog Tour: The Girl Next Door by Phoebe Morgan

Hello and welcome to the blog tour for The Girl Next Door by Phoebe Morgan.

Many thanks to Lucy from HQStories for having me on this tour and sending out a copy to review.


About The Book


“One little lie just became deadly…

Perfect mother. Perfect wife. Jane Goodwin has spent years building her picture-perfect life in the quiet village of Ashdon. So when sixteen-year-old Clare Edwards is found murdered in Sorrow’s Meadow, Jane knows she must first protect her family.

Every marriage has a few white lies and hers is no exception. Jane’s worked hard to cover up her dark secret from all those years ago – and she’ll do anything to keep it hidden…”

About The Author

phoebe morgan

PHOEBE MORGAN is an author and editor. She studied English at Leeds University after growing up in the Suffolk countryside. She has previously worked as a journalist and now edits crime and women’s fiction for a publishing house during the day, and writes her own books in the evenings. She lives in London and you can follow her on Twitter @Phoebe_A_Morgan

What I Thought

I knew I was going to enjoy this as soon as I started reading but I didn’t expect that! What a fantastic story, at first it seems like your average who done it until we learn more about the neighbours.. not everything is as perfect as it seems. It reminded me a bit of Desperate Housewives which I loved and Jane made me think of Bree, absolutely perfect as far as everyone can see, the perfect doctors wife in her perfect home with her perfect kids, part of the perfect yummy mummies PTA group. You just know nothing is ever that perfect! Then theres Rachel next door who doesn’t want to get involved and likes to keep her and her family to herself until her daughter Clare goes missing and more bad news follows.

I thought I had this so pinned down I was like ah yeah I know what happened here but Phoebe really got one over on me for sure. I stayed up reading until 2am because I just couldn’t put it down, I needed to know what was going on and what really happened and by the end of it I was like damn!! Holy crap I didn’t expect that.

A very well written psychological thriller it kept me on my toes, really engaging I highly recommend it.

Many thanks again to Lucy from HQStories for having me on this tour, all opinions are my own and I am not paid to give them.

12 thoughts on “Blog Tour: The Girl Next Door by Phoebe Morgan

      1. Yeah, there are always some books in play, and it’s free and you can join whichever but there is a limited number of slots and you get the book in parts, usually 10 parts and so you get a part a day for 10 days. You can also comment and chat with other readers and with the author and some (like Phoebe) are really active and respond and comment too. And there’s also a Q&A with the author inserted here and there which is always fun. The book is available for a month I think so you can save up all the staves if you want to but I never do that cuz I like the chatting 😊

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