Elji and the Galrass by Colin Sinclair

If you’re on the lookout for a new fantasy series, one centered around the essence of the universe then Elji and the Galrass is a good place to start.

“Elji, a boy from a village outside the city of Mehem discovers a “Galrass” a tool usually wielded only by those who understand its power. Perhaps it was left for him to find or perhaps it was just a random happening? The Galrass embroils him in a struggle he never expected to be part of or even imagined existed. Dregar, a being from a different planet and galaxy ‘feels’ the boys interruption of the universal essence and takes him under his wing and so his journey begins. Friendships are made and lost and many lives must be put in danger to usher the civilization into its rightful place among the Universal essence. Will Elji fulfill his potential and help save his world or will it fall into darkness?”

When an ordinary boy from a village outside the city with big dreams and ideas discovers a Galrass, his whole world changes. I found the whole concept of the story intriguing. It’s like there was a web spinning out from the centre connecting everyone and uniting them in the cause. They all have a common enemy Framin who threatens to disrupt the harmony they have been trying to create and maintain, by spreading hate and discord. But who is really behind it all and is there perhaps something far bigger at play?

It has a bit of a gunslinger vibe to it (bear in mind I’ve only seen the movie not read the books) only a bit more Godly and Dregar is more like Gandalf than the gunslinger.

Thanks to Colin for sending me a copy to review, all opinions are my own and I am not paid to give them.

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