Blog Tour: Some Kind Of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher

Hello and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Some Kind Of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher.

Thanks to Katie from Michael Joseph for having me on the tour and sending me a copy to review. This is a light refreshing read about a journey of self discovery and overcoming utter heartbreak.

About The Book

“Lizzy and Ian have been a couple since their first day at university. Now, after celebrating a decade together, everyone thinks they’re about to get engaged. A romantic escape to Dubai is the perfect moment, but instead of the proposal Lizzy hopes for, Ian reveals he’s not sure he even wants her anymore.

Lizzy is heartbroken. But through the tears, she realises this is her chance to seize the opportunities she missed as Ian’s other half. But what does she want? How much of her is really Lizzy, and how much was Ian’s influence? Determined to discover who she is at heart, Lizzy sets out to rediscover the girl she was before – and in the meantime, have a little fun . . .”

What I Thought

I really enjoyed reading Some Kind Of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher, I haven’t read any of her books before but I would be sure to check more of them out now. What happened to Lizzy was just awful, to devote such a huge chunk of your life to a relationship even after being let down again and again always holding out hope for your One to make you their forever and always only for them to completely pull the rug out from under your feet in the cruelest of ways is devastating.

I think I would react like Lizzy too retreating to the comfort of home with Mammies home cooked meals to help you through it. I love how she comes out the other side learning to be her own person again and not simply someone’s other half. I think it’s an important lesson to know and one that applies to people who are in relationships too, you are not just one half you are also yourself. Your relationships shouldn’t ever define you. Dress for you, do things you like, go to the places you want to discover and eat the damn burger!

I enjoyed reading this the story had a lovely flow to it, I couldn’t put it down.

Thanks again to Katie for having me on this tour, all opinions are my own and I am not paid to give them.

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