Ireland Said Yes #Repealed

Today is a day I want to remember forever

Ireland said yes!

Yes to change

Yes to choice

Yes to women.

Years ago when I was small I remember seeing the same posters in town and not knowing the significance of it but those graphic images always stuck with me.

Ireland wasn’t ready then

But we are now!

We are stronger and louder and ready to free ourselves of the cloak of shame that has forever been cast upon Ireland’s women.

The call was put out..

Trust us

Let us decide!

And it was heard loud and clear

Far and wide.

Of course there were those still afraid of change, scared of the unknown

Then there was those who just wanted to maintain control..

We will no longer be controlled

We are woke!

Our children are witnesses

They will never wear a cloak of shame

They will carry this legacy into the future

Their future

A brighter future..

A better Ireland for women

A safer Ireland

A compassionate Ireland

An Ireland of Choice.


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