Lily Alone by Jacqueline Wilson – Book Nook

This review is about Lily Alone by Jacqueline Wilson. Lily is an eleven year girl old that gets left alone with her three younger siblings, Bliss, Baxter and Pixie. She also has to look after them and keep them safe. Continue reading “Lily Alone by Jacqueline Wilson – Book Nook”


Taking Wing by Clemency Crow – Book Nook

Hiya! Welcome back to another review in Abigail’s Book Nook! Today I’m reviewing a book called Taking Wing. I got it from the author Clemency Crow, she sent me a really cool package!! Continue reading “Taking Wing by Clemency Crow – Book Nook”

City Of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab – Book Nook

Hiya Book Nook fans! Today I am doing a review on City of Ghosts! I think it’s really cool that a kid my age would read this book and review it. I really hope Victoria Schwab sees this review. Continue reading “City Of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab – Book Nook”