Dark Lies by Nick Hollin

Don’t trust your friends. Don’t trust your family. Don’t trust yourself… Continue reading “Dark Lies by Nick Hollin”


Mini Review: Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

“The murderer is with us on the train now..” Continue reading “Mini Review: Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie”

Mini Review : The Thirst by Jo Nesbo

There’s a new killer on the streets.

A woman is found murdered after an internet date. The marks left on her body show the police that they are dealing with a particularly vicious killer.

And he’s out for blood. Continue reading “Mini Review : The Thirst by Jo Nesbo”


The Dark Lake by Sarah Bailey

“A hot summer.

A shocking murder.

A town of secrets, waiting to explode.” Continue reading “The Dark Lake by Sarah Bailey”


Dying Breath by Helen Phifer Blog Blast!

Take a breath. Pray it’s not your last.

I love crime books that not only give you the back story on the detective but also on the serial killer, why would he do something like this, how could he do these things? Continue reading “Dying Breath by Helen Phifer Blog Blast!”


The Wolf Children by Cay Rademacher

“The dead boy’s blood coated the five hundred pound British bomb like a red veil.” Continue reading “The Wolf Children by Cay Rademacher”