Blog Tour: The Sky Weaver by Kristen Ciccarelli

At the end of one world there always lies another..

Hello and welcome to my stop on the Gollancz blog tour for The Sky Weaver by Kristen Ciccarelli.

About The Book


“Safire, a soldier, knows her role in this world is to serve the King of Firgaard-helping to maintain the peace in her oft-troubled nation.
Eris, a deadly pirate, has no such conviction. Known as The Death Dancer for her ability to evade even the most determined of pursuers, she possesses a superhuman ability to move between worlds.
When one can roam from dimension to dimension, can one ever be home? Can love and loyalty truly exist?
Then Safire and Eris-sworn enemies-find themselves on a common mission: to find Asha, the last Namsara. From the port city of Darmoor to the fabled faraway Sky Isles, their search and their stories become threaded ever more tightly together as they discover the uncertain fate they’re hurtling towards may just be a shared one. In this world, and the next.”

What I Thought

I binge read the whole Namsara series this week as I wanted to read the first two books before this one and just wow, what a series! First of all there are dragons.. let’s just put that out there first, so straight away we are onto a winner, then there is the fantastic world building going on I mean I was taken straight there! But really it’s the characters that make this series so special and the storytelling, oh how I fell in love with the story telling scattered throughout each book woven through the chapters like a beautiful tapestry. I think the story of the Sky Weaver is my favourite, it’s beautiful and kind of sad but when you find out it’s relevance to our characters and their story, oh it’s just brilliantly done!

Did I mention there are pirates? Got to love a good pirate.. well she’s not necessarily good.. a pirate and a thief Essie is stealthy, the Death Dancer they call her, but what’s she hiding behind that cocky exterior.

Then there’s Safire who you will know from the previous books, the Kings Commandant, a Princess who doesn’t feel like a princess, once shunned for her mother’s blood that runs in her veins. I just want Safire to be happy, but she seems to have gotten herself into a bit of trouble here.. can she get herself out of it?

I really enjoyed this book, it’s worlds and all the people in it.. except maybe Kor he’s an ass! The Sky Weaver is a great ending to a fantastic series, I loved it.

About The Author

Kristen Ciccarelli is the internationally bestselling author of the Iskari series. Her first book, The Last Namsara, debuted on the UK’s children and YA chart, was one of Indigo’s Best Book for Teens in 2017, and has been translated into 12 languages. Before writing books for a living, she worked as an artisanal baker, an indie bookseller, and a ceramic artist. These days she resides in a blustery seaside cove with her blacksmith and her rescue dog. She likes her coffee dark, her weather broody, and her house warmed by a wood fire.

Learn more at or find Kristen on Instagram: @kristenciccarelli

Many thanks to Kate for having me on this tour and Gollancz for sending out a copy to read. All opinions are my own and I am not paid to give them.

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