Mini Review: Sanctuary by V.V. James

“Every town has its secrets, Sanctuary is built on them..”

“The small Connecticut town of Sanctuary is rocked by the death of its star quarterback. Daniel’s death looked like an accident, but everyone knows his ex-girlfriend Harper is the daughter of a witch – and she was there when he died. Then the rumours start. When Harper insists Dan was guilty of a terrible act, the town turns on her. So was his death an accident, revenge – or something even darker? As accusations fly and secrets are revealed, paranoia grips the town, culminating in a trial that the whole world is watching…”

I picked this up at WorldCon after seeing it doing the rounds online. I wasn’t entirely sure what it was about but I knew there was witchcraft involved and a few people suggested I would like it. They were right! It was a great read with short snappy chapters so I found it hard to put down. Each chapter was told by a different character so you got a good picture of what was going on. Still, every time I thought I had it nailed someone else’s story would reveal something else!

I loved how it ended, it left a smile on my face. I love that having a Witch in the town was such a normal thing, imagine how great it would be! Obviously I would want to be the witch but I wouldn’t want to be the one living in Sanctuary!!

This was a really great read and it was right up my alley.

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