My Week In Books (29th Sept)

Hello and welcome back to My Week In Books ๐Ÿ“š

Another week struggling to get some reading in, wish I could find some more hours in the day but a girls got to sleep! I feel like I’m struggling a bit with my blog too, like I have reviews sitting there just waiting to be typed up but trying to find the motivation and the time to get some serious blogging done is proving to be a struggle. I hope things pick up but I know we have another really busy month ahead of us so I’ll just have to keep on keeping on and hope for the best! Here’s how I got on this week..


  • One By One by DW Gillespie
  • The Umbrella Academy Hotel Oblivion by Gerard Way



  • Angel Mage by Garth Nixย (Gollancz)
  • Slash by Hunter Sheaย (FlameTreePress)

That’s all for this week and almost this month too.. that really flew by!! How was your September?

11 thoughts on “My Week In Books (29th Sept)

      1. Yeah, I bit off a lot with this Halloween segment I created and have been struggling to write reviews for everything. I mean, I’ve watched or read certain things, it just takes a lot of time to write posts on here.

        I’m right there with ya!

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      2. I totally hear you. Both Friday and Saturday I wanted to, but simply couldn’t do it. I did pretty well typing stuff up on Sunday, but I’m still behind on things unfortunately. The struggle is real!

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