June Reads 2019

Hello and welcome to my June Reads πŸ“š

Here’s a quick look at the books I read in June. I got through 9 which I thought was grand considering the size of The Priory Of The Orange Tree which left me with a considerable book hangover!

Some really great reads there, The Priory and Perfectly Preventable Deaths were the standouts for me while Good Omens and Ocean brought me joy and honorable mention goes to The Girl In Red!

Weekly Roundups

That’s all for June let’s see how July goes πŸ“š

16 thoughts on “June Reads 2019

  1. Ahh! I keep hearing about Perfectly Preventable Deaths. It seems like it jumped out of nowhere and is suddenly popular. I also am hopping over to see your review of The Girl in Red because I’ve been waiting to see reviews before reading it.

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  2. I’m listening to Good Omens now myself, a BBC adaptation. I’ve tried to read it twice before but never got past a certain point. I’ve just passed that now though so I already feel like I’ve achieved something!

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      1. The audiobook is so good as it’s a radio drama so there’s sound effects and little details which are fun. Like the two traffic police officers near the beginning of the book are voiced by Terry and Neil!

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