Library Book Haul (June) – Book Nook

Hello welcome back to Abigail’s Book Nook

I like to go to the library and this month we have gone quite a bit because I have been reading a lot! I am also doing the Summer Stars Reading for the summer where you have to read 8 books (but I have nearly finished it already and my holidays haven’t started yet πŸ™ˆ)!! Anyways here are the books I got so far..

  • Little Stars by Jacqueline Wilson
  • The Midnight Gang by David Walliams
  • Biscuit Barrel by Jacqueline Wilson
  • Princess DisGrace Second Term by Lou Kuenzler

  • Dork Diaries Dear Dork by Rachel RenΓ©e Russell
  • Dork Diaries Party Time by Rachel RenΓ©e Russell
  • Princess DisGrace Third Term by Lou Kuenzler
  • Princess DisGrace Winter Term by Lou Kuenzler

  • Hetty Feathers Christmas by Jacqueline Wilson
  • Four Children and It by Jacqueline Wilson
  • The Diamond Girls by Jacqueline Wilson
  • Dork Diaries Holiday Heartbreak by Rachel RenΓ©e Russell

I have read nearly all of them so we will probably go back to the library this weekend, I hope so anyway! I will be back here with another review on Saturday.

See ya!

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