Princess DisGrace by Lou Kuenzler – Book Nook

Hi and welcome to my first review in… Abigail’s Book Nook.

“Princess Grace is anything but graceful. Her clumsiness gets her in all sorts of trouble. But now Grace is starting at Tall Towers Princess School – she can learn to be a proper princess at last! At her new school she must make new friends and learn the rules. Most importantly, she must pass her first test: she must learn to train her unicorn.”

This review is on Princess Disgrace First Term At Tall Towers, written by Lou Kenzler. So Grace is a princess who attends a princess school called Tall Towers. The only problem is that Grace is really clumsy and gets bullied for it, not very princessy. Can Grace fit in?

My fave character is Grace. She’s so kind and thoughtful and she always puts her friends first. Even though she’s not the best princess, she certainly has the heart of a princess.

My least fave character is Precious. She is Grace’s cousin, but certainly doesn’t act like one! Precious is mean, a show offΒ  and tries to put Grace down.

I really enjoyed this book it was funny, it was a bit sad but it was full of friendship so it was very enjoyable.

See you next time in Abigail’s Book Nook!


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