Blog Tour: Dust Devils by Jonathan Janz

Hello and welcome to my stop on the RandomThingsTour Blog Tour for Dust Devils by Jonathan Janz.

Dust Devils BT Poster

About The Book

Dust Devils Cover

“Cody wants to regain his self-respect. Willet just wants his father’s leg back. Both of them are tracking a band of traveling actors who leave carnage and heartbreak in their wake. The dust devils. When the actors came to town and recruited his wife for a plum role, Cody Wilson had no idea they would seduce and murder her. Eight-year-old Willet Black was equally unsuspecting the night the devils destroyed his family’s ranch and slaughtered everyone he loved. Now Cody and Willet are bent on revenge, but neither of them suspects the true nature of their five adversaries. For Adam Price and his actors are older than the deserts and mountains over which they ride. Feeding on the young old and alike, their taste for human flesh is insatiable, and their lust for comely young women is consuming. Even if word of their atrocities were to spread, it would take an army to oppose them. But it is 1885 in the wilds of New Mexico, and there is no help for Cody and Willet. The unlikely pair must make a stand and face an unfathomable evil. They must destroy the dust devils or die trying. But there is something even worse than being murdered by monsters. There is damnation.”

About The Author

Jonathan Janz

Jonathan Janz is the author of more than a dozen novels and numerous short stories. His work has been championed by authors like Joe R. Lansdale, Jack Ketchum, and Brian Keene; he has also been lauded by Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and School Library Journal. His ghost story The Siren and the Specter was selected as a Goodreads Choice nominee for Best Horror. Additionally, his novel Children of the Dark was chosen by Booklist as a Top Ten Horror Book of the Year. Jonathan’s main interests are his wonderful wife and his three amazing children.

What I Thought

Well it’s no secret that I love books by Jonathan Janz, he is by far one of my favourite horror writers. As I have said before he covers everything from psychological horror to paranormal to gore. This time we have vampires! (Gory vampires) And no before you ask none of them sparkle, they don’t wear daylight rings and they aren’t likely to fall in love with a Slayer and they have no souls.. definitely soulless!

If you think more along the lines of From Dusk Til Dawn meets The Lost Boys you’ll know just what kind of vampires I’m talking about. It’s bloody, violent and fantastically gory. There is pretty much an all out bloodbath in part two.. probably why it’s called Bloodbath in Mesquite!

What can I say, I really enjoyed it. Another great horror from Mr. Janz and I would expect nothing less at this stage, his books never disappoint. It was the bloody pick-me-up that I didn’t know I needed. Thank you Mr. Janz!

Many thanks to Anne and FlameTreePress for having me on this tour, all opinions are my own and I am not paid to give them.

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