My Week In Books (16th June)

Hello and welcome back to My Week In Books

I’m a bit behind with these posts but I’ve just had a busy few weeks between Bank Holidays and going to see Metallica play at Slane Castle I just couldn’t seem to find a minute. We’re coming up to the summer holidays now which means I will have even less time as I will be working more and my kids will be off school but I am really looking forward to my holidays at the end of August. So here is what I have been up to!


  • The Priory Of The Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon
  • Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
  • The House On The Edge Of The Cliff by Carol Drinkwater
  • The Girl In Red by Christina Henry




  • The Colorado Kid by Stephen King
  • Dust Devils by Jonathan Janz
  • The Vanishing Man by Philip Purser-Hallard
  • The Record Keeper by Agnes Gomillion
  • Growing Things by Paul Tremblay
  • A Shroud Of Leaves by Rebecca Alexander
  • Relics by Tim Lebbon
  • The Folded Land by Tim Lebbon
  • The Edge by time Lebbon
  • X-Men Days Of Future Past by Alex Irvine
  • Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson (Raven Books)

All bookmail bar the last one were kindly sent from Titan Books.. those guys sure know how to keep me reading. That’s all for this week here’s hoping I can get myself a bit more organised and get some posts scheduled for the weeks ahead but sure who knows. How has your book week been?

21 thoughts on “My Week In Books (16th June)

    1. No it was my first time and I loved it. The series was just brilliant I love David Tennant and quiet enjoy Michael Sheen too and they were perfect together 😁


  1. This week has been kind a bust for me with books so far as a friend is getting married and everything is centering around preparing and helping with that! You’re really making me feel like a slacker! That said, I’m adding a few of these to my “to-read” list (namely, Good Omens and The Priory of the Orange Tree – I am finding the fantasy genre more and more appealing).

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    1. Oh if it helps this is from the last 2 weeks not just this week lol, have had a busy time with family events and work so bit behind myself 🙈 oh if you enjoy fantasy then you’ll love Priory it’s as epic as they come 😁


  2. What did you think The Priory of Orange Tree? It was one of my favourite books of this year.

    I want to read Good Omens, I’ve got in on my kindle ready. Just need the time!

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  3. Great post!

    I haven’t read Good Omens, but I have watched the TV Series on Amazon. Really great show, and what an amazing cast!

    I recently finished reading In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. So good!

    Currently reading Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

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