Blog Tour: We All Fall Down by Daniel Kalla

“Centuries ago the plague killed millions.

Today it might kill billions..”

Hello and welcome to the RandomThingsTours blog tour for We All Fall Down by Daniel Kalla.

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About The Book

We All Fall Down Cover

“A critically ill patient lies dying in a remote town in Italy. Alana Vaughn, an infectious diseases expert with NATO, receives a desperate call – she must fly to Italy immediately and confirm what everyone already suspects… that the dying woman has the plague, a merciless disease that kills in days.

When Alana arrives, her worst fears are confirmed. But the patient isn’t just dying of the plague – she has the strain of the plague known as the Black Death, one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, which eight hundred years ago killed more than a quarter of the world’s population.

And if Alana and her counterpart at the World Health Organisation, Byron Menke, can’t track down the source of the disease…then it will be the end of them all.”

About The Author

Daniel Kall Author Picture

Daniel Kalla is the international bestselling author of Pandemic, Resistance, Rage Therapy, Blood Lies, Cold Plague, and Of Flesh and Blood. His books have been translated into eleven languages, and two novels have been optioned for film. Kalla practices emergency medicine in Vancouver, British Columbia. Visit Daniel at and follow him on Twitter at @DanielKalla.

What I Thought

I was immediately grabbed by this book as soon as it arrived. I was reading another book but had to put it to the side and get stuck in and it was a good thing too because I couldn’t put it down. It was such an enthralling read and the diary entries provided us with a look back into the time of the Black Death and how devastating it was.

We All Fall Down presents is with the idea that we could still be struck down by the plague and it makes you wonder how we would cope. (Interestingly enough I read an article the other day about 2 people who had contracted and died from bubonic plague after eating infected marmots! Everyone who traveled on the plane with them has been quarantined.. fecking scary out lads!) Given all our modern medicine and technology you would think it would be no problem to combat the plague but our lead Dr. Alana Vaughan, an expert from NATO, fears the worst as they struggle to find the source of the outbreak. Things turn more sinister as new outbreaks start to show up further a field and with two different strain of it taking people down by the minute you have to wonder can they stop it before it wipes everyone out!

This was a really good read, a real race against the clock bit of action that I found very enjoyable. It reminded me a bit of the Da Vinci Code an old favourite of mine, but this is slightly more apocalyptic given that the plague is on the loose.

Many thanks to Anne for having me on this tour, all opinions are my own and I am not paid to give them.

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