My Week In Books (3rd Dec)

Hello and welcome back to My Week In Books πŸ“š

A very quiet week on the book front and I have a feeling it will be this way for a couple of weeks as we wind down for the year. Hopefully I will get more books read though as I’m falling behind on that!


  • Dark Pines by Will Dean




No book mail this week but I did get a copy of The Furies by Katie Lowe from my friend KateΒ BibliophileBookClub who also lent it to the lovely Sharon BehindGreenEyesΒ  great to have awesome book friends! And I bought Twelve Angels Weeping by Dave Rudden and the first two Artemis Fowl Books.

Up Next

  • The Sky Woman by JD Moyer

That’s all for this week, only one more blog tour left for this year! It’s going to fly by πŸ“š

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