Mini Review: A Death In The Family by Paul Carroll

I picked up this perfect little gem of a book at Octocon and it’s by Irish Author Paul Carroll.

Imagine Death in a beige sweater.. there now you are hooked! I’ve always had an obsession with Death, as in the character/figure itself (I’m not that morbid..much) ever since I was given a map of Deaths House by Terry Pratchett when I was a kid. The idea that Death could have a family really fascinated me.

About The Book

“Benjamin Cooper is about as close to death as someone can get, without actually dying. Literally.
In the wake of the Worst Year of the Century, the Coopers are visited by a man straight out of folklore, Death himself. Ben is forced, by way of fulfilling a supernatural debt, to take over the mantle of Reaper.
But life as Death is more complicated than Ben could ever imagine, and perfectly executing every order is rarely an easy task.
A Death in the Family is a tale of paying for others’ decisions, seeking to understand dying, and falling hopelessly in love.”

What I Thought

Paul has an excellent take on Death, having the job of being a reaper be exactly that, a job! And now it’s Benjamin’s turn to take over the mantle of Reaper and his eyes are all at once opened up to a whole other side of life (as Death) when he realises just how much he and the world are surrounded by the supernatural.

A thoroughly enjoyable read and at just under 200 pages it was a morning well spent not putting it down but curling up and getting lost in it instead.

You can find out more about Paul and his books HERE

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