Mini Review: Vox by Christina Dalcher

We Will Not Be Silenced

Vox by Christina Dalcher has been a highly anticipated read, a dystopian that seems to be inspired by the madness that is currently going on in the world.

“Set in an America where half the population has been silenced, VOX is the harrowing, unforgettable story of what one woman will do to protect herself and her daughter.
On the day the government decrees that women are no longer allowed more than 100 words daily, Dr. Jean McClellan is in denial—this can’t happen here. Not in America. Not to her.
This is just the beginning.
Soon women can no longer hold jobs. Girls are no longer taught to read or write. Females no longer have a voice. Before, the average person spoke sixteen thousand words a day, but now women only have one hundred to make themselves heard.
But this is not the end.
For herself, her daughter, and every woman silenced, Jean will reclaim her voice.”

What made Vox really scary was that it felt like something that could actually happen, I mean I think we are so numb to the news these days that nothing would shock us anymore.

While I found the book highly engaging I felt like it fell a bit flat towards the end and the ending itself felt a bit rushed. I really felt like there was a lot more to give so it was a shame that it just ended. I have questions!

On the whole though I really did enjoy it, it made me think and question the world and I love that. Definitely worth the read.

14 thoughts on “Mini Review: Vox by Christina Dalcher

  1. I felt the same way! It is so realistic that it scares me…made me think of a modern 1984 by George Orwell. I do feel the ending was rushed as well…anticlimactic is exactly as I would put it. There was a huge build up and things fell into place a little too neatly for me.

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