My Week In Books (30th Sept)

Hello and welcome back to My Week In Books AND the last day of September HURRAH!!

September was quite long wasn’t it, but at the same time it seemed to fly by! I’m just glad that we survived and now the fun can begin πŸŽƒ I only read 1 book this week shocking I know but hey it was a fairly big book. I think I’m getting to that point in the year now where my go slow is kicking in and I just want to eat food and binge watch tv or Netflix so I’m working on a slight schedule and as you know I’ve got a huge list of books to get through so it should work. Exciting news this week I bought my tickets for the Blog Awards it’s on at the end of October EXCITING and I’m bringing my Mammy so I can’t wait πŸŽ‰ I also bought myself a ticket to go and see Metallica in Slane next year it’s like 2 bucket list things to go to Slane and to see an old favourite it’s going to be awesome! So let’s get into this week.. it was a quiet one but I did start a new review notebook.


  • Come and Find Me by Sarah Hilary (keep an eye out for my review on the blog tour next weekend).



No book post this week, which took the pressure off a bit but of course I went and bought some books on my kindle OF COURSE I DID!!

That’s it for this week, I’ve just started reading Vox by Christina Dalcher so I’m excited to talk about that.

How was your week?

11 thoughts on “My Week In Books (30th Sept)

  1. eeeeK! You read Vicious! YASSSS! πŸ˜‚ I don’t know why I get so excited since I haven’t read it yet but I guess it’s cause I will be reading it this coming week haha! I’m legit STOKED for the read, happy to see you enjoyed it πŸ–€

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