How I Did With My Summer Tbr

I’m not really big into set reading lists but when you have as many books to get through as a book blogger does sometimes it helps to have a visual list.

I tested this out at the start of the summer by setting a small tbr list for the summer to see if I could get through some of these books as well as all the others I had coming up. You can check the list out Here. There were 7 books on it and I managed to get through 4 of them which I’m pretty happy about.


Read and Reviewed

I’m pretty happy with how the trial went so later this week I will have an Autumn TBR list going up which is rather ambitious but it includes a lot of blog tour books so I definitely have to read them and it should bring me right up to December. I do love a good list post 😊

2 thoughts on “How I Did With My Summer Tbr

  1. Great work!! πŸ˜‰ I’m a huge fan of reading lists (clearly, my entire blog is dedicated to one hahaha), I find it helps keep me focused. Otherwise, I’m far too prone to just re-reading old favourites or abandoning books half-way through because something shiny caught my attention… Can’t wait to see what’s coming up for you in Autumn!

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