Our Summer Scrapbook 2

Hello and welcome back to our summer scrapbook!

We did a fair amount of walking during the last two weeks but also a fair amount of chilling out too which was nice. We had to go to the post depot one day to collect some bookmail and instead of taking the usual route we went over the rail bridge and discovered some new sites along the way. We had never been in under the flyover bridge before, it was covered in graffiti and the girls thought it was really cool. It had some dodgy crumbly steps going up it and the little adventurers climbed up as if it was Everest! Coming back down again was a little harder but they thought it was great fun.

We had another library trip to get some new books, they are doing great with their summer reading challenge. We came across lots of swans and their babies in the last 2 weeks, nature has really been out in force. We discovered a baby birds egg in our garden and some baby snails, we have seen lots of different butterflies but they don’t stay still long enough for me to catch them in a picture! We had a trip to Galway to visit family (and Coco the dog), we took a train into Galway city and walked along the River Corrib. Of course we had a trip to Charlie Byrnes bookshop and the girls stocked up, I got myself some bookshop socks!

There was of course lots of food. it was my birthday last week so my Mam made a delicious chocolate cake and lovely dinner with some prosecco. She took me out for lunch and a delicious peppermint tea, very fancy.

My girls were so good and surprised me with little birthday gifts they made and wrapped themselves, it was so nice, homemade presents are always the best. I went to see Mamma Mia 2 with my Mam, aunty and sisters, it was great I laughed, cried and sang loved it! I got the train (2 trains and a luas actually) home from Galway myself while the girls stayed on for a few days as I had to go to work.

July seemed to go by quickly but slow at the same time, it was such a weird month and I blame it on the heat. The weather is changing now though we have had a good bit of rain and even some thunder. I need to get myself some new welly boots so we can still head out on the rainy days. Nearly time to start getting the back to school stuff organised!

How is your summer going so far?

4 thoughts on “Our Summer Scrapbook 2

  1. Happy birthday, doll!! It’s winter for me, so I’m having nowhere near as much fun 😜😂❤️ but I’m getting lots of reading and writing done, so that’s something!!

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