Broken Branches by Ben Ellis

“Your status in society depends on the purity of your genes.”

Broken Branches by Ben Ellis is a near future dystopian story based in the UK. This is Ben’s second self-published novel and I just want to take a minute to thank him for sending me out a copy to read and review.

This dystopian is an interesting take on future generations trying to purify the human race. In this case Thoroughbreds have a family connection to the National Family Tree whereas Broken Branches have no known ancestry or at least they can’t prove it, orphans for instance. A bit like Pure Bloods and Mud-Bloods in Harry Potter.

The difference in this story is the continued selective picking of couples allowed to have children has highlighted some anomalies in the gene pool with new babies displaying unusual characteristics and gaining the governments attention..

“All men are sterile. Fertility drugs are given only to couples whose genetic matches are approved. Those without a family history to prove their genetic heritage are outcast from society.

Grace is a broken branch. As an orphan, she has no link to The National Family Tree, so she and her husband, Tom, are ecstatic when they’re approved to have a baby. But that was the easy part. Grace’s twin brother inadvertently gets a girl pregnant after a one night stand, and his girlfriend isn’t happy because it should’ve been her. Both sets of parents soon become the target of a violent terrorist group that advocates genetic purity. To make matters worse, there’s something strange about the unborn children that’s attracting government attention …”

I found the story very interesting I read it very quickly but I could have done with more, it was a bit short. I like to think that another book would follow as you’re left a bit in the unknown. But on the whole it was a good read and I would recommend especially if you enjoy a good dystopian.

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