Last Night by Kerry Wilkinson

“It’s the early hours of the morning and Rose Denton wakes up behind the steering wheel of her car. She’s off the road, through a hedge and in a field…”

Well this one kept me guessing! Last Night by Kerry Wilkinson is a psychological thriller which will keep you turning the pages. What really happened last night? I kept going back and forth between characters trying to figure out who was out to get Rose OR did she do all of this herself?

“Theres blood on the windscreen and bonnet – but it’s not hers and there’s no sign of anything or anyone she might have hit. The last thing she remembers is being in a hotel on a business trip but now she’s miles away.”

Such a weird thing to happen. how did Rose get here and where did all the blood come from? It’s a while before we get any answers with things just getting weirder and poor Rose getting more confused.

“Back home and her daughters boyfriend is missing. The last thing he did was argue with Rose over money. He left no note, no text, no clues as to his whereabouts.

The police have questions – and so does Rose’s family. But those are little compared to the ones she has for herself.”

Did Rose do something and blank it out? Is someone out to get her? Argh this was very well done and an enjoyable read, the fact that Rose appears so normal but has an ugly past that’s about to rear its head makes it a very compelling read. I couldn’t put this one down and was thinking about it when I was forced to go to bed. A great read I recommend it.

Last Night by Kerry Wilkinson published by Bookouture is out now only Β£0.99 on Kindle and is also available to order in paperback.

(Disclaimer: I received an e-book of Last Night from Bookouture on Netgalley, all opinions are my own and I am not paid to give them.)

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