Mini Review: A Distilled Spirit: Pained Prose From a Bar by Joseph Pinto

“I don’t write like you,

I don’t dress up my words..”

I have followed Josephs blog for a while now and I love his poetry so I was really glad to hear he had a book out full of his poems and when he asked if I would have a read I was more than happy to.

“Pain is beautiful, pull up a chair.”

Dark, gritty and very real. Witnessing the goings on in a bar from 7pm to last call. The poets ow thoughts, experiences, pain. Lives captured in an instance, a look, a conversation. Nothing is sugar-coated. It’s hard to judge or review poetry, in my opinion at least, because poetry is so very personal its your deepest thoughts, feelings, expressions.. a little look inside your head and how you see the world. The best way to judge poetry is on how it made you feel when you read it, did it stir up some emotions, thoughts, memories. I like how stripped back these poems are, he doesn’t offer a mask to hide behind, it’s all very raw and real and it moved me.

“Conversations heard both outside and inside my head, interludes drawn from sights seen in front and behind my eyes; an encapsulation of regret, regression, death and demise.”

Thought provoking, good to dip in and out of. I really liked it. A Distilled Spirit by Joseph Pinto is out now, I got my copy on Kindle Unlimited it is also available to order in paperback. Keep up to date with Josephs work over on his blog

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