10 Years

Enjoy her because before you know it she’ll be all grown up..

That’s what everyone told me and I did enjoy it as hard as it was I tried to soak up every minute of her but here we are I blinked and today my first-born is 10 years old. I need a minute to let that really sink in because I can’t quite believe it how did we get here! 10 years sounds like such an awful long time but it’s really not those first years are so new and exciting, exhausting and overwhelming, so many things are all happening at once so many firsts and you try to fit them all in and remember every moment. Before you know it she’s off to school and that’s really where your time speeds up because suddenly everything is on a schedule and you’re always looking ahead to the next week off, the next holiday and then another year has started and you wonder how you got there.

Years fly by in the blink of an eye

One minute you’re in my arms curled up so small

And now look at you, you’ve grown so tall

My girl it won’t be long

Before you’re looking down on me

With those eyes blue as the bluest sea

Hair so long and fair

Soft skin sprinkled with freckles

Like you’ve been kissed by the sun

For every single one

They warned me

Blink and it will be gone

Those years they don’t last long..


Happy Birthday to my beautiful girl x

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