The Snow Came

We waited and waited then the snow arrived in on a storm cloud there was so much of it, it’s amazing how magical everything looks under the glittering falling flakes.

Everything is suddenly transformed and the dead hush it brings is itself a kind of magic. We had great fun with furious snowball fights, snow angels, building a snowman and throwing ourselves down a hill without a care in the world just screams of laughter. And now it’s nearly gone and we go back to normal but we have fantastic memories to carry with us always.

Bright white it appeared overnight

We hoped and we prayed

In the morning our day was made

It’s snowing it’s snowing

Excited happy little smiles

Cold hands

Rosy cheeks

Numb bum

It was so much fun

Inside warm baths are steaming

Cosy toes

Hot chocolate and tea

Everyone is getting sleepy

Curled up for the rest of the day

It won’t be long til it’s all gone away

Slushy, streaming

Now it’s not so appealing

But we had fun while it was here

It doesn’t often appear

One day we’ll look back

With smiles on our faces

We’ll remember this year


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