The Denounced by SJ Sherwood

I’ll start by saying I need Book 2 right about now, actually I needed it as soon as I finished this one! The Grey Sun is Book 1 in The Denounced Trilogy by SJ Sherwood.

This is a very engaging read. I was only slow to get through it because I was sick shortly after starting and had to put it down until after Christmas. Once I picked it up again I didn’t put it down until I had finished it a few hours later.

“In a future divided into Secular and Non-Secular Quadrants, a crime punishable by death is to cross Quadrants and become Denounced.

When sixteen year old Ned is wrongly convicted and kidnapped to a secret location, he meets ninety Denounced and a terrifying truth begins to unfold – one that will change the world forever.

Forced to lead a Pod of five others, Ned begins to realise thousands of lives could depend upon him. A survivor by nature, he now has to face his past, confront his destiny and fight a system that has never lost.”

Saved from the noose and seemingly rescued, Ned knows from the very outset that all is not what it seems. Having grown up in the system, orphaned at a younger age and abandoned by his sister Ned has always known how to keep his head down and survive. Forced to take charge of a family he never wanted he soon discovers that the rules here are different and their new “Mother” is not going to let him go unnoticed.

If you enjoy a good Dystopian tale then this is a book for you, available in paperback or on Kindle I really enjoyed the read and am looking forward to Book 2 Shifting Horizons which will be out at some point this year.

(Disclosure: I received this book to review, all opinions are my own and I am not paid to give them.)

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