Bookstagram Week 3 2017

Oh it’s been one of those weeks were I didn’t get much reading done, I didn’t get on with Lyrebird at all, I ignored it for a few days and binge watched The OA instead then 217 pages in I finally gave up!

I found the storyline a bit silly to be honest it just wasn’t for me at all, I loved her YA book Flawed and think that suited me far better but this now I just found incredibly boring.

So moving on I started A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab and I love it, it’s right up my street, I loved her book This Savage Song so I was happy enough to go ahead and buy the 2nd book in the Darker Shade series and preorder the 3rd.

I am loving Bookstagram even more lately I don’t really go on any other social media sites anymore, twitter is good for popping onto but Bookstagram is where I live, and it has been a very interactive week making me think more about what pictures to take next. It brings out the creative side in me.

“After all this time?… Always.” – J.K. Rowling

“For he would be thinking of love, Till the stars had run away, And the shadows eaten the moon.” – WB Yeats

“Out of the mid-wood’s twilight,
 Into the meadow’s dawn,
 Ivory limbed and brown-eyed,
Flashes my Faun!

He skips through the copses singing,
 And his shadow dances along, 
And I know not which I should follow, 
Shadow or song!

O Hunter, snare me his shadow!
 O Nightingale, catch me his strain!
 Else moonstruck with music and madness, I track him in vain!” – Oscar Wilde

“I may be dead but I’m still pretty which is more than I can say for you.” – Buffy

🎶Your eyes are swallowing me, Mirrors start to whisper, Shadows start to see, My skin’s smothering me, Help me find a way to breathe🎶 – Bring Me The Horizon

🎶When you came in the air went out, And every shadow filled up with doubt🎶 – Jace Everett

That’s been my week of books, quotes and lyrics, how was yours?


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