Watch it Wednesday

Hello and welcome to my first Watch it Wednesday! I asked on Twitter recently if I should add an entertainment section to the blog and got a very positive reaction so here we go! I have been locked in a total binge watching session with Doctor Who for the last few weeks so haven’t really watched much else but I’ve gone through the planner for the next week and highlighted some top picks. If you’re a fan of Doctor Who you can catch it on Netflix, I’m on series 5 at the moment.. I’ve just been through the trauma of losing David Tennant so be gentle with me.

Also on Netflix I’ve been watching series 2 of Between, I loved series 1, it’s frustrating that there are so little episodes each series. Bit like Stranger Things which obviously if you haven’t seen you must go watch!

Movies I watched recently The Purge 2 and I did a Resident Evil Binge because why not!?!

Onto tv land, Tuesday’s the big one to watch with Westworld on Sky Atlantic, I have this recording and sitting in my planner, I reckon I will need to watch a few episodes at a time to keep up.

Wednesday is Bake Off day as if you didn’t already know that!

Friday’s are reserved for American Horror Story, I’m loving the series so far!

Monday’s are soon to be taken over by the return of The Walking Dead, you can catch it on Fox this Monday at 9pm.

Top picks for the coming week :

Thurs 20th : Secret State on UTV Ireland 9pm

Fri 21st : American Horror Story on Fox 10pm

Sat 22nd : Shutter Island on RTE2 9.25pm

Sun 23rd : The Fall on RTE1 9.30pm – Poldark BBC1 9pm

Mon 24th : The Walking Dead S7 on Fox 9pm – Criminal Minds S12 on Sky Living 9pm

Tues 25th : Westworld Sky Atlantic 9pm

Wed 26th : Great British Bake Off BBC1 8pm –Β HIM UTV Ireland 9pm

Movie Extras :

  • Donnie Darko on Viceland @9pm Friday
  • Night of the Living Dead on Horror Channel @9pm Monday
  • Mars Attacks! on TCM @9pm Tuesday
  • The Wicker Man on Horror Channel @9pm
  • The Imitation Game on Film4 @9pm

I hope you enjoyed this post, I’ll get back to you next week and let you know what I managed to watch and what I recommend.

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