Trophy Life by Elli Lewis

I recently read Trophy Life by Elli Lewis who got in touch and asked if I would like to read it. She sent me an ecopy and a few days later a beautiful package arrived in the post containing a paperback and a little bottle of Rosé to go with the high society lifestyle that was the big theme in the book.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book, it’s not something I would think to pick up but the cover definitely attracted me to it (I am very much in the judging a book by its cover camp). I read the entire book in one day, it was an enjoyable read giving a fascinating insight into London’s high society and at just over 250 pages quick to get through, perfect for a break in my Harry Potter marathon.

The story follows Amy a somewhat naive girl who seems to have put her life on hold and just fallen into a mindless whirlwind of glitz and glam, where appearances are everything. Hiding from her past mistake she buries herself in this world where hair appointments, Pilates and getting your nails done are the focus of your week. Married to successful, handsome (creepy, slimy) Harry Green with everything she could ever want her perfect existence soon begins to crumble when she is thrust into the limelight and realises she must face some harsh realities.

This is a tale of growing up, learning from mistakes, finding your true self and moving on for the better. Lessons that are relatable in all walks of life.

I loved the epilogue it made me very happy to read.

The author Elli is from London herself and worked as a solicitor in some of London’s most exclusive firms. She herself was thrust into a world of high society and draws on these experiences to tell Amy’s tale. I would love to know how much of Amy’s story is close to real life, its like a different world really.

The book Trophy Life is due for release on the 26th of July but you can now preorder it on Kindle, so if you’re looking for an enjoyable summer read I recommend this one.

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