Not Another Book Blogger


Oh no here we go another book blogger has arrived on the scene trying to make her mark on the world, telling you what you should be reading and shoving recommendations down your throat by the minute.. Or not!

Actually I have been on the blogging scene for a number of years now and honestly it’s not the same as when I started, maybe it’s because I was totally clueless back then and just muddled my way through it but I think it was better that way. Now it seems when people start blogging they know exactly what they are doing and more and more are blogging with the goal of making a career out of it and hey if that is what you want to do then I applaud you, I just feel like with the vast majority all climbing to get to the top the spirit of the community is coming down a bit and bloggers get a hard enough rep from people as it is so I feel like now is the time to band together!

I am by all means no expert at blogging, I started it as a hobby over at Where is my Mind?, but when I discovered the community and started making friends it all meant so much more to me. I met my two closest friends through blogging Danielle LilliWhiteRose and Claire ClaireByReverie and I would be lost without them, we can hardly go a day without chatting to each other. Together we run the Irish Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers Inspire group in an attempt to support other bloggers and really bring the community together, this is what I want to see more of from blogging, people being passionate about what they love and supporting their fellow bloggers on the way. With blogging I can just be myself and write about the things I enjoy and not pretend to be anything else. I have been dipping my toe in and out of blogging since my first post back in 2012 and I will continue to muddle my way along, figuring it out as I go.

I set myself a goal this year to read more books and this blog is a way to keep me on track. I want to share what I am reading, what’s on my reading list, books that I am reviewing and fingers crossed I’ll be able to have some interesting book discussions along the way. I want to know what everyone else is reading and what you would recommend.

So I’m not just another book blogger, I’m Sara and I’m a bookaholic and I’m going to continue on doing my thing and making more friends along the way.

10 thoughts on “Not Another Book Blogger

  1. My sister and I were speaking about the blogosphere becoming more and more about commercial race to the top! You stole the words right from our mouths! So right! I’m going to go check all the awesome links you’ve provided

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  2. Love this! This is also the reason I set my blog up this year, need to document the number of books! Good luck with your target of 50! I will look forward to some great reveiws/recommendations! 😃 X

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